Windows: The Glass We Admire

Want To Replace Your Upstairs Windows? 3 Ways Professionals Are Essential

19 May 2020
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Making sure that you have windows installed that you will be happy with can take some effort since there are so many options and the cost can vary quite a bit. If you're looking for windows to be installed upstairs, there are some extra steps involved in making sure that the installation goes smoothly. Rather than handle it alone, looking into hiring a professional and seeing exactly how they can help out can help you feel good about this purchase. Read More …

Caring For Wood Blinds: What You Should Know

12 May 2020
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Wood blinds can add a lot of warmth and character to your home. They're also extremely durable and, with proper care, can last for many years to come before needing to be replaced. Still, as with any type of blind, there are some basic care and maintenance tips you'll need to follow to keep your wooden blinds operating smoothly and looking their best. Dust Often (And Properly) One of the most important things you can do to keep your wood blinds clean is to dust them regularly. Read More …

Deciding If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Door Frame

7 May 2020
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Door frames can develop a surprising number of issues. You can get dings and dents in the frame from daily use. According to experts, some other common frame issues include broken door jambs and sagging doors. Some issues are relatively easy to fix. However, some problems may have you wondering if you should repair or replace your door frame. Dents Dents come about for many reasons, especially when you move large objects through the door. Read More …

A Guide for Reducing Air Leaks and Moisture Problems with Your New Windows

5 May 2020
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If you want to update your home with premium windows, wood is still the best material that can be used. There are more options for custom window styles with wood windows, and with the right care, they can last longer than other materials. To ensure your new windows last, it is important to prepare the openings, make sure that installation is done correctly, and care for the windows after they have been installed. Read More …

Are You Beautifying Your Home’s Entry Way?

28 April 2020
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Have you ever heard that people who lived in the nineteenth century paid extra attention to the entry hall of their homes? They might have felt that, by putting all of their finest decorating pieces in that first room. they would give visitors the feeling that the homeowners were well-to-do. Whether that is fact or fancy, maybe you are wanting to beautify your home's entryway. After all, that is the first thing that people see when they enter your home, and that includes you and your family members. Read More …

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Windows: The Glass We Admire

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